Connected Growth: KPN presents Annual Report 2023

Today, KPN publishes its Integrated Annual Report 2023: Connected Growth. In the report we reflect on a year in which we delivered on our outlook and key ambitions. KPN achieved growth in all segments, connected even more households to fiber, and went all out to connect everyone in the Netherlands to a sustainable future.

Fast, secure digital connections
Our networks have proved that they are capable of handling the significant growth in data traffic. KPN’s fiber network covers more than half of the Netherlands and we remain determined to meet our target to cover 80 per cent of Dutch households with fiber via KPN and Glaspoort by the end of 2026. We have upgraded all our mobile network sites and are preparing the network for the 3.5 GHz spectrum auction.

KPN further strengthened its position by continuing to invest in the digital infrastructure and in improving the user experience, while at the same time giving priority to security. With a market share of around 40% in the SME segment we play a crucial role in protecting businesses against cybersecurity threats. This fits with our engagement to civil society as a responsible company.

For a Better Internet
KPN wants to retain its leading position in the field of ESG. With our revamped strategy “Connect, Activate & Grow” we have raised the bar and set ambitious targets. In the years ahead KPN will launch new initiatives and will make cybersecurity an integral part of its ESG policy. under the motto Better Internet: safer, greener and more socially aware.

By fostering digital and social inclusion we aim to improve society. Through the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds KPN is continuing its efforts to reduce the digital divide for those who are not easily able to participate in society.

To minimize our footprint, we actively pursue a greener future by focusing on energy efficiency and circularity. And we help customers become more sustainable through hybrid working, digitalization and smart, mostly cloud-based, solutions.

By 2027, KPN customers will use the internet via a sustainable, efficient network powered by green energy, most of which will be generated by a new wind farm off the Dutch coast. By 2030, KPN’s actual electricity consumption is planned to halve in comparison with that of 2010. Additionally, KPN has the ambition to realize net zero emissions in the value chain by the end of 2040.

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
On April 17, 2024, KPN will hold its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, at which the Integrated Annual Report 2023 will be discussed. As well as the annual results, the agenda, which will be published soon, includes the proposed reappointment of four members of the Board of Management.

The Integrated Annual Report 2023 is available online on the interactive website Annualreport2023.kpn. By means of QR codes, readers of the report can share their views on topics that impact KPN and society.