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KPN network in focus

Frequently invisible, always indispensable

You can’t always see it, but KPN’s network is everywhere, all the time. From fiber to mobile networks, from copper connections to DAB+ and C2000. With our infrastructure, we’re keeping the Netherlands connected, every day. And it looks like this.

Select a network
4G 75 Mb/s (gem. 20 Mb/s)
4G+ 225 Mb/s (gem. 50 Mb/s)
3G 7.2 Mb/s (gem. 5.5 Mb/s)
3G+ 14.4 Mb/s (gem. 8.2 Mb/s)
2G 120 Kb/s (gem. 50 Kb/s)
Call & text
Fixed network

Modern for more than a century