Responsible and safe online

Our daily life is becoming ever more digital. This offers a lot of benefits and opportunities but also entails a lot of dangers. Every day, we ensure that our network is safe and reliable. We are also involved in information campaigns to make people aware of potential online risks: these campaigns include 'Eerst checken, dan klikken' and 'Alert Online' and they support services such as De Kindertelefoon (Child Helpline).

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Aware of the potential and the risks

The digital world offers endless possibilities. Unfortunately, there are also dangers. By participating in a number of information campaigns, we’re making a wide public aware of the potential risks. For example, we’re involved in campaigns like 'First check, then click' and 'Alert Online'.

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Protecting young users

Internet enriches the lives of children too. Movies, games and apps help them discover the world. For a long time we have been making sure that they do so safely and responsibly.

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Expertisebureau Online Kindermisbruik (Online Child Abuse Assessment Bureau)

To counteract the spread of offensive videos and images, KPN has long been linked to the Expertisebureau Online Kindermisbruik (Online Child Abuse Assessment Bureau).

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De Kindertelefoon

De Kindertelefoon (Child helpline) gives children the opportunity to talk or chat in confidence about everything that they are dealing with. From bullying to falling in love: this organization offers a listening ear. KPN supports De Kindertelefoon (child helpline).