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Public campaigns

Aware of the potential and the risks

The digital world offers endless possibilities. Unfortunately, there are also dangers. By participating in a number of information campaigns, we’re making a wide public aware of the potential risks.

First check, then click

Cyber ​​criminals are getting smarter. This makes it more and more difficult to recognize at a glance if they want to misuse your personal data or steal money. Therefore, first carefully check whether a link, attachment or payment request can be trusted in an e-mail, text message or text message. And only click if you are sure.

To help people protect themselves better against cyber crime, the Ministry of Justice and Security, together with a large number of partners from banking, IT, internet and telecom sectors, has launched a national public campaign 'First check, then click'. KPN has committed itself to the campaign, just like in previous years.

On veiliginternetten.nl you can find tips to further increase your internet safety.

Alert Online

Many Dutch people move naturally in the digital world. Online safety is sometimes overlooked. That is why KPN is a partner in the annual public awareness campaign Alert Online. Together with the government and other companies, we want to give Dutch people the knowledge and skills to consciously use technology to prevent cyber crime. So that everyone can use the digital world consciously and safely.

Online Child Abuse Assessment Bureau

Protecting a vulnerable group