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Child helpline

Call or chat in confidence

De Kindertelefoon (Child helpline) gives children the opportunity to talk or chat in confidence about everything that they are dealing with. From bullying to falling in love: this organization offers a listening ear. KPN has supported this initiative for many years.

Children and young people in the Netherlands between the ages of 8 and 18 can contact De Kindertelefoon. Trained staff are ready to speak to them on the phone or to chat. It can be about annoying or difficult issues that children are confronted with at school or at home. By discussing problems, they help children to come up with solutions themselves and to make decisions.

De Kindertelefoon is a safe place for children. They can tell their story anonymously and with complete confidentiality. In an emergency, they can be put in contact with people who can help them, as long as the child agrees.

The organization sees children as independent individuals who are capable of finding solutions themselves and of making and acting on decisions. This vision is one of the organization’s guiding principles. In this way, De Kindertelefoon is making a tangible contribution to the implementation of the United Nations’ Convention of the Rights of the Child, in particular article 12 (the right to be heard) and article 13 (freedom of expression).

Call for free

KPN supports the organization by making it possible for children to call for free using their mobile. Almost all calls to De Kindertelefoon come from mobile phones.

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