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Vision on being at the heart of society

This is how we connect the Netherlands

KPN connects people. We’ve been doing this for over 145 years through our products and services as well as by supporting socially responsible activities. There is nothing better than social contact, from person to person. That’s why we are focusing on, among other things, initiatives in sports, art and culture that connect Dutch people.

With current technology, we can be connected anywhere, anytime. To the world and to each other. We make life freer, easier and more fun by making a connection. We believe in technology, but we also believe in personal contact. Together with others, you admire art, cheer on your favorite sports club or enjoy music – that creates a bond.


We’re among the biggest sponsors of sports in the Netherlands. The national sport that we love in this country is football. That’s why we’re connected to Dutch football as a sponsor and a fan. We are lead sponsor of the Eredivisie and we’re a partner of the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB). We are intensively involved with Dutch football and support the sport in all its diversity. With the sponsorship of the eDivisie and E_Oranje, KPN is also able to connect with Dutch gamers.

Because sport has such a unique, connecting power, KPN supports Dutch football in a wide variety of ways.

We’re helping the smaller sports in the Netherlands with our TEAMKPN Sports Fund. Often, these sports don’t receive assistance from sports organizations like the Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation(NOC*NSF). So the fund gives teams a temporary boost on the road to great achievements. Now, several sports have made it back to the highest level again. With the help of the TEAMKPN Sports Fund e.g. curling, men's handball and the 49-yr sailing team are well and truly back on the map.

Art & Culture

We support cultural institutions that the country is proud of. For instance, we help make the Rijksmuseum’s greatest works of art accessible to as many people as possible with special guided tours, but also, for example, by ensuring that the museum is well represented online. Another Dutch icon is The Royal Concertgebouw, with whom we have connected as telecom and ICT partner.

Social contact

We focus extra attention on groups in society for whom social contact is not always easy or self-evident. People may unwittingly end up in social isolation as a result of illness, a disability or personal circumstances. With the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds, we’ve been focusing on a large number of initiatives for these vulnerable groups for a decade. With the commitment of KPN volunteers, we organize events that bring these people together. In addition, we are also using our technology in a smart way, such as KlasseContact. With this system, long-term, seriously ill children can follow their lessons from home or the hospital and, more importantly, they stay connected to their classmates.

Our belief in technology is great, but we believe in human contact even more. That’s why we continue to work to bring people together. This is how we connect the Netherlands.