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KPN for startups and scaleups

Our fruitful collaboration with innovators

We believe in open innovation in order to make a real impact in a rapidly changing world. In cooperation with innovative stakeholders, in order to stay ahead. That’s why we’re creating a fruitful and innovative climate for startups and scaleups. By combining our strengths with those of startups and scaleups, we’re advancing the Netherlands.

KPN is working with diverse startups and scaleups in the field of innovation. Because every day we experience how valuable these collaborations are. For us and our customers. For the innovators, who we help to develop with our expertise and technology. And for society, which is rapidly discovering new solutions that make life smarter, simpler, and better.

Our focus in scouting for innovation

Our Liaison Management team is looking for innovative parties with a focus on these 9 subjects:

Liaison Management: looking for the click

We’re constantly looking for win-win partnerships with startups and scaleups. So, KPN has a special Liaison Management Startups and Scaleups team. A team that makes contact with innovators: startups and scaleups who offer solutions to challenges that KPN is looking for answers to. We work in a demand-driven way and seek the best innovators with whom we can innovate together on specific issues. We share our knowledge of technology, marketing, and sales with these innovators as well as our extensive network of business partners and customers, so that these startups and scaleups can grow quickly. And: with their creativity and boldness we can also improve KPN’s products.

In addition, we invest via KPN Ventures in scaleups that fit with our strategy. KPN Ventures offers these entrepreneurs access to our organization’s expertise and services. And gives them the power to mature quickly.

Do you want to stay informed of the latest developments and events? Follow us on LinkedIn or come to one of our events.

Deals with more than
250 startups and scaleups

In just four years, KPN has already done more than 250 deals and projects with startups and scaleups. A collaboration with KPN can take the following forms:

Proof of concept at KPN

Does a scaleup match our issues and challenges? Then we start a Proof of Concept: research into whether their solutions work in practice. With clear joint evaluation criteria.

KPN as customer

Does the invented solution work? Then we can work together structurally, with the startup or scaleup as a KPN supplier.

Investing in scale-ups

KPN Ventures invests in strategically related scaleups. You can find the criteria on kpnventures.com


With co-creation, we combine our expertise and technology with that of the startup and scaleup and together we bring a product or service to market.


Do the scaleup’s solutions match our own products or services? Then we can offer our KPN channels as a sales channel.

KPN as supplier

For startups, we have a special offer for our business services. For example, we offer them free LoRa-keys, so that they can experiment with our energy-efficient wireless network. And we help them develop their digital security, APIs, and working in the cloud.

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Startup and Scaleup Events

Where can you meet us?

These are the forthcoming meetings where we’ll be meeting startups and scaleups. Will we see you there?

KPN Partnerworld program

We’ve established KPN Partnerworld to provide practical help to startups and scaleups. A program that comprises elements that are accessible to all interested parties as well as elements that are only available to our collaborating partners or the companies KPN invests in.

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Partner network

KPN has an extensive partner network to connect innovative startups and entrepreneurs and to help with expertise, service and financing.

World Startup Factory Connectivity Accelerator, PortXL Accelerator, Cambridge Innovation Centre (CIC), Rotterdam Venture Café, The Startup Orgy, Tekdelta, YES!Delft incubator, Twente, The Hague Security Delta (HSD), StartupBootcamp Smart City & Living Accelerator, FinTech & Security Accelerator, Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator, Deloitte Fast Ventures, Accenture, Telefonica Open Future, Internet of Things Academy, Cottonwood, RTL Ventures, Innovation Quarter, VCC, Healthvalley, StartupDelta, KEEN Venture Partners, Sustainable Healthcare Challenge, Orange Digital Ventures, Swisscom, The Hague Security Delta, School for Data Science, Tilburg Universiteit, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Amsterdam Student Investment Fund, Sustainable Healthcare Challenge, Philips Innovation Awards, Founders+, Cisco, Intel Capital, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Costa, UtrechtInc en Tekdelta.

2 2 6 startups Corporate Star

Corporate Startup Star

It’s also clear we’re making progress in our collaborations with startups from our No. 2 position in Europe’s 25 Corporate Startup Stars in 2018. This is a European Commission ranking of the top-25 companies that put innovation high on the agenda. Companies that are role models in collaborating with startups and scaleups.


The new 5G technology offers the opportunity to enter various sectors with advanced digital solutions and to challenge vested players. We are especially looking for scalable solutions applicable within different verticals for:

Business Market:

  • Video analysis in the cloud or (business) critical applications for e.g:
    • Product line quality or performance management
    • Realtime remote assist & education through AR/VR
    • Realtime (AI based) inspection and/or comparing assets and changes in historical data
  • High-end - wireless IoT+ (visual) sensoring solutions (with speeds from >50 kbps up to < 10Mbit/s) for e.g. asset performance/health monitoring.

Consumer (& small business) applications:

  • Services / applications / solutions for consumers / small businesses using 5G capabilities
  • Augmented / extended reality devices for innovative and fascinating use cases.

Do you have what we are looking for? Please contact us at kpnnewbusiness@kpn.com

Open Innovation Hub

Connected Greenhouse

In greenhouses more digital solutions are being used every year. Sensors, robotics, camera’s, and AR are some of the innovations that will help growers become more efficient. Many of these are yet to be wirelessly connected. As KPN we are looking to bring wireless connectivity to the horticulture sector. Connectivity alone has little value, but the digital solutions that will be connected are extremely important.

We are looking for start-ups and companies that have the digital solutions that need connectivity to bring it to the next level. Do you have a product, service or idea that could use connectivity in a greenhouse? Contact us kpnnewbusiness@kpn.com

Open Innovation Hub

Mobile Identity

As the world is going mobile and digital at a much faster pace, and cyberthreats like account takeovers, identity theft and phishing are increasing all the time, we need to make sure that we can keep doing business in a secure and convenient way. KPN is developing a number of innovative products in the area of mobile identity and authentication.

Do you have an easy to implement and affordable solution in this area? Or can you help us to make these products more secure, easy to use and valuable for end users? Contact us via kpnnewbusiness@kpn.com

Open Innovation Hub

Connected Car

We’re looking for a wide variety of (mobility) related (third-party) services that can be relevant for both drivers and passengers. Think of usage-based insurances, entertainment services for passengers, smart parking, emergency assistance and so on.

Do you have smart solutions that comply with this? Contact us kpnnewbusiness@kpn.com

Open Innovation Hub

Connected Devices/Machines

We are moving towards a world where wireless connections will play a key role in society. This will result in endless opportunities. Coffee machines, containers, solar panels and vehicles are already connected and much more to come. KPN acts as the intermediary between businesses and their customers by providing the connectivity.

On one side, we are looking for suppliers of devices and machines who see the added value of making their products ‘intelligent’. Furthermore, we are seeking collaborations with partners to find out what are valuable propositions and applications to fully utilize what the Internet of Things has to offer.

Are you looking for a provider of connectivity and a high quality partner to face the coming Internet of Things challenges? If so, Let’s work together! Contact us via kpnnewbusiness@kpn.com

Advanced Analytics

Within Advanced Analytics, we strive to move the business forward with valuable insights. In order to do this, we are looking for innovative companies that:

  • use the multi-armed bandit method to improve marketing campaign testing
  • are specialized in analyzing specific elements of the customer journey
  • have tools that can track the performance of our network and can detect anomalies
  • can visualize structured and unstructured information using the knowledge graph technology.

We are looking for companies from the scaleup scene and beyond, in order to meet our high-quality standards and scale. Sounds like a match? Contact us kpnnewbusiness@kpn.com


KPN Health strives to make healthcare digitally accessible. Together with our partners we work on:

  • solutions that support and improve the digital involvement of patients
  • solutions that allow older people to live independently at home for longer
  • solutions that enable health @ home and provide the right care at the right cost.

An impactful footprint on the Dutch market is essential for a collaboration with KPN. Are you the partner we are looking for? Please contact us kpnnewbusiness@kpn.com


Do you have innovative APIs that contribute to the optimal customer contact center and are you interested in resale in KPN's API-store? Then we're looking for you! We are mainly looking for API’s focusing on:

  • Security
  • Identity
  • Call center services
  • Speech to text
  • Text analytics
  • Secure email
  • Knowledge tools
  • Communication training
  • Collaboration tools

Contact us at kpnnewbusiness@kpn.com


Digital building blocks for innovation