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Technology makes healthcare more efficient and accessible

With new technology we keep healthcare affordable and accessible. And we improve patient safety and efficiency. For both patients and healthcare providers. We are working together with the healthcare sector to improve care throughout the Netherlands.

Healthcare in the Netherlands is of a high level. How do we keep it that way, in times of aging, rising costs and digitization? KPN Health helps healthcare institutions to innovate, with technology that makes healthcare safer and more efficient. We find solutions for patients and clients who need care. And we make the often complex processes in healthcare smarter, so that healthcare providers can do their work optimally.

In practice: KPN Zorg Messenger

Healthcare professionals want to share information with colleagues quickly. For efficient collaboration. And to look along with each other according to the four-eyes principle. But in a safe way. KPN developed Zorg Messenger for this purpose: chat and digital consultation with colleagues, whereby privacy-sensitive information is sent securely via e-mail. This allows doctors and healthcare providers to collaborate securely digitally. For example when administering medication or assessing a spot on the skin.

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Grip on health with KPN Health

Responsible digitization

For healthcare providers, the health and safety of patients is paramount. As an organization, hospitals and healthcare institutions still have a challenge: keeping healthcare, service and safety sustainable for the future. KPN helps healthcare providers find sustainable digital solutions. With our expertise in the sector, we know how healthcare providers can work together smarter. How we make remote care possible. How we can make complex registrations and processes simpler. And how we have healthcare organizations automated without compromising on quality or privacy. So that healthcare can continue to be paramount in the future.

Working together on better care

KPN wants to keep healthcare good, affordable and accessible for patients and healthcare providers. We cannot do this on our own. That is why we connect patients, clients, healthcare professionals, IT suppliers and promising eHealth startups. By joining forces and responding together to needs in the healthcare market, we create smart, innovative and safe solutions. Such as the Digital Workplace for Care, Zorg Messenger, Zorgvrij Domotica, KPN Vitaal and the ZorgCloud. Innovative services with which we relieve care providers and give patients control over their lives. In this way we make healthcare better for the whole of the Netherlands.

Smart City

Living well in the connected city