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Our brands

Because people want different things

Every customer has their own preferences. Youngsters who are only interested in mobile internet, families seeking an affordable home package, companies who want to do worry-free business. For this reason, KPN has a number of different brands in order to serve diverse target groups as best as possible.


KPN is the name of the parent company and of the principal brand.

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Focuses on professionals and discerning consumers. Offers top quality products and services.

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For customers who know exactly what they want.

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KPN Security

Digital security, to do business with confidence. For small and large organizations.

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Ortel Mobile

The prepaid provider for economical calls both at home and abroad.

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Cam IT Solutions

A service-oriented knowledge organization focused on worry-free ICT infrastructure.

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More secure and manageable internet available to everyone in the Netherlands.

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Helps accelerating any organization with digital transformation.

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KPN Partner Network

KPN has transferred all its indirect sales channels to KPN Partner Network.

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