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KPN Partner Network

Business Partners for every ICT need

For the specific purpose of business products and services KPN works with business partners – independent businesses throughout the Netherlands that give unbiased advice and offer suitable solutions. These indirect sales channels of KPN now come under KPN Partner Network. This ensures that every business customer gets optimal telecom, IT & security services, with a strong, broadly developed network of partners – whether a total solution is involved, or fixed-line telephony, business fiber optics, workstations or security.

The KPN Partner Network has three types of partner: Excellence Partners, Top Partners and RoutIT Partners. Each partnership provides a level of guidance, development and cooperation that is suitable for the business receiving the help.

KPN Partner Network distribution label

RoutIT is the distribution label of KPN Partner Network, offering partners complete freedom to develop a distinctive ICT total solution. This way, our partners get access to white-label services in the area of connectivity, fixed and mobile communication, cloud and security. Our partners are the customer’s contact point, they monitor the customer relationship and send out their own invoices. KPN Partner Network supports RoutIT partners with training courses and 24x7 support.

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Facts about KPN Partner Network

Established: KPN transferred its indirect sales channels to KPN Partner Network in 2019. RoutIT has been part of KPN since 2016 and a distribution label for KPN Partner Network since 2019.

Most important activities: telecom, IT & security services.

Our history

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