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Our mission

The netwerk of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is digitizing at a rapid pace. We shop online, work from home more often and arrange more and more things digitally. This includes healthcare and education. Secure, reliable and fast internet is therefore becoming increasingly important. KPN wants to make the Netherlands the world’s best-connected country.

We are doing everything within our power to connect everyone in the Netherlands to a sustainable future. We work with passion on secure, reliable and future-proof networks and services, so devices and people are connected with each other, anywhere, anytime. At the same time, we offer and seize opportunities for a cleaner and more prosperous and world thanks to our sustainable approach.

KPN believes in the power of connection for almost a century and a half. In 1881, we established a public telephone network in the Netherlands. On a small scale, our country made the acquaintance of the miracle of telecommunications. This formed the basis for KPN’s current extensive network, which reaches every corner of the country.

In the past, we could only send 'beeps'' via the telegraph; now, every second of the day, vast amounts of information flow through our cables, antennas and transmitters: telephone calls and, above all, ever increasing volumes of data. From WhatsApp messages to TV programs, from Spotify music to work documents. In addition, there are the bits and bytes that are sent without any human intervention. Smart meters that can communicate meter readings or garbage containers that report when they are full.

When you’re connected,
time and location are no longer an obstacle

We generally don’t give it much thought, but all this technology has a huge influence on our lives. Your smartphone keeps you in touch with the world around you. KPN’s technology makes it possible for you to do what you enjoy and what you need. You can watch your favorite series whenever it suits you and you work wherever you want. If you’re connected, time and location are no longer an obstacle.

Technology is also making life more enjoyable in a less visible way. We’re making modern ways of working, education and healthcare possible, in a secure manner. Smart industrial applications that contribute to reducing energy consumption or that increase the self-reliance of patients and the elderly. This way, we help the Netherlands progress by making life safer, more sustainable and more pleasant. Our high-quality, finely-meshed network and our diverse range of services offer an inexhaustible number of possibilities.

Technology has to be comprehensible and simple. Without difficulty. Without fuss. And it has to be reliable. Your privacy and data need to be treated with care. At home, at work and on the move. To be able to give such a guarantee we are constantly investing in our network and data innovation. So we help the Netherlands to progress.

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Our ambitions

KPN wants to be the trusted digital partner in the Netherlands for consumers and businesses. We will achieve this by getting everything out of our networks and accelerating our rollout of fiber and the modernization of our mobile network. We are taking the lead in the digitalization of the Netherlands and in connecting everybody via 5G and fiber. Through an excellent digital customer experience, customers will experience the best service. That requires a digital mindset and a further simplification of our organization and processes.

We want to become even more a brand that people love by, for example, continuing to be at the forefront of sustainability and contributing to a better society. That's why sustainability, innovation and inclusiveness are embedded in our strategy, organization and all the things we do. So we foster innovation by helping to create more functions, in healthcare and education for instance.

Since 2015 we have been 100% climate neutral and we use only green energy. In the future, we will continue to set ourselves higher goals in terms of making a greater contribution to a better world. For example, in 2025, we want to be one of the first large companies in the Netherlands that is virtually circular.