Digital Service Aggregation

More and more digital services for consumers and businesses are emerging. Consider TV content such as Netflix and Disney+. In the coming years, this is going to increase even more with cloud gaming, smart home or office applications and eventually services in a Metaverse, among others. This creates new challenges for our customers in which we can play a role.


With our expertise in cybersecurity, we are exploring new opportunities for corporate, small business and retail customers to offer embedded security platforms that go beyond device or computer security. In addition to technical service, customers in the future will increasingly need support, advice and even insurance against cybercrime.

Converged hybride working

Safe hybrid working is a promising area of innovation in the post-COVID-19 era. The new hybrid working (remote working) still has challenges for consumers and businesses. We are exploring how to provide secure hybrid working solutions that combine B2B and B2C access services, including new remote communication and collaboration solutions. Solutions that also leverage services we already have in place such as NL-IX or our network.

Secure data exchange

More and more organizations and companies need to share data with other organizations. Consider healthcare facilities or energy companies. Most organizations have built their own database architectures where sharing data can be a challenge. Using AI technologies, we are developing multiple services to share data securely and that meet regulatory requirements.

Mission and business critical services

Companies are increasingly creating private 5G-converged grids to improve their operational flexibility and security. With our expertise in highly secure networks, we will combine public and private telecom networks for this purpose. In doing so, we leverage 5G, edge locations and security to deliver guaranteed quality to our customers, such as emergency services. So they can further automate their business processes with our reliable network.

Network platform as a service

We offer parts of our network as separate building blocks so that our customers can use them in their business processes or in their customer offerings. For example, the network acts as a platform to facilitate connectivity solutions, standard telecommunications services and storage using easily accessible and secure APIs.