Umlaut: KPN mobile network tested as the best with the highest score worldwide

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, KPN's mobile network was recognized the best in the Netherlands by benchmark organization Umlaut. It is even world-class; KPN came out as the winner with the highest score ever measured in an independent test among the various operators.

This is the outcome of the annual network test of the German Connect Magazine, carried out by benchmark organization Umlaut. The overall score of 987 points on a scale of 1000 points is an improvement compared to last year. In addition to various user tests, the research is based on technical network measurements. The quality of the mobile network has been measured in various locations in the Netherlands, such as in all large and medium-sized cities, on highways and provincial roads and from public transport and more remote places.

umlaut connect awardThis test also measures the mobile user experience in terms of voice and data quality and the performance of popular services such as YouTube and mobile gaming. Taken together, all these measurements form a good picture of reality. The good news; There is no other country in the world where the mobile network has been tested as well as in the Netherlands. KPN scores best in all categories such as 'voice quality', 'data', 'crowd' and 'reliability'.

The Umlaut/Connect test report states: “Congratulations to KPN for once again winning this test in the highly competitive Dutch market. KPN wins with the highest score achieved so far in our international benchmarks for mobile networks. KPN managed to further improve its network compared to last year with strong performance in the field of voice and data. KPN also scores best in user tests from customers (crowd) of the various mobile providers and KPN also scores very well on reliability.”

Joost Farwerck, CEO KPN is pleased with the results: “We are doing everything we can to ensure the best mobile experience for our customers. It is therefore great that we have won this renowned test. It is also particularly good news for the Netherlands, which scores high as a digital economy and is on its way to becoming the best connected country in the world, partly due to its excellent digital infrastructure. Telecom networks are an important driver for further digitalization and the good Dutch starting point will further improve in the coming years. After all, the rollout of fiber is in full swing and the fast 5G spectrum will soon be auctioned.”

Best mobile network with best mobile user experience
Every day, KPN does everything it can to connect its customers with a rock-solid mobile network and the best mobile user experience. This means you can always make high-quality video calls at home or on the road, stream music and videos without interruptions and can be reached everywhere and anytime by mobile phone. In addition, excellent customer service for our mobile customers is equally important. For example, larger data bundles when you combine fixed and mobile, easy accessible customer service and the MyKPN app where customers can easily arrange everything themselves.