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Mobile networks

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Do what you want to do, wherever and whenever it suits you. Since the arrival of our first GSM network in 1993, we’ve been connecting the Netherlands via mobiles. Today, the rapid 4G network gives customers worry-free access to the online world. Wherever and whenever they want. From 2020 the entire Netherlands can use our 5G network. Precision agriculture, new technologies for cars, smart sensors in devices and vehicles, 'immersive TV': 5G will connect the whole of society.

Internet use has become mobile. Dutch people communicate for the most part via handy apps. We’re doing many online purchases on our mobile devices. KPN’s 4G networks make it possible to use the internet almost everywhere in the Netherlands. At the tram stop and in the car, in the city and in rural areas where, as yet, there is no permanent broadband connection available.

The best coverage of the Netherlands

The most important thing for our customers is being able to make mobile calls and use the internet all the time and anywhere. That’s why KPN is working every day on achieving the best coverage in the Netherlands. Currently, our network has 99.4% coverage in the Netherlands, which means we have the best coverage in the country.

From 160 characters to super fast 4G

Mobile access began with our first GSM network – also known as 2G technology – which allowed the first SMS and MMS messages to be sent. 3G followed in 2003: a new mobile standard that made it possible to use the internet anywhere. Today, KPN offers superfast 4G internet to almost the whole of the Netherlands. For uploading, downloading, watching films, putting photos on Facebook and listening to music anywhere via Spotify. All on your telephone. And the next technology, 5G? It’s already on its way.


Altijd en overal het beste mobiele netwerk

Bij KPN lopen we voorop en zijn we klaar voor de toekomst. Het is inmiddels al meer dan 40 jaar geleden dat wij het eerste mobiele netwerk van Nederland uitrolde. Tegenwoordig kunnen we niet meer zonder onze mobiele telefoon en maken we inmiddels gebruik van 5G. Deze video laat de ontwikkeling van ons mobiele netwerk door de jaren heen zien.

Explosive data use

As a result of the fast and reliable 4G network, the data use of our customers is growing exponentially. In 2018, KPN customers used 38% more mobile data than in the previous year. And 6 times as much as they did in 2014. A KPN customer used, on average, 2 GB per month in 2016. We are always available online via WhatsApp or Facebook. In addition, we are making almost unnoticed use of the internet when we listen to music via Spotify, navigate to a destination using Google Maps or automatically make a backup of photos. The fast 4G connection ensures that it all runs smoothly and silently in the background.

5G: new generation, new revolution

The best is yet to come, because the move to 5G will be made in the coming years. This new generation mobile network is many times faster and more reliable than its predecessor 4G, it has a much larger capacity and there is hardly any delay in the connection. As a result, 5G will connect the entire society. We will modernize 5,000 sites of our mobile network through a 5G-ready equipment upgrade, so that we are ready to launch it.

Augmented reality, smart sensors in devices, vehicles and objects, 'immersive TV', agricultural drones: 5G makes it all possible. Tests from KPN in our 5G Field Labs underline the hugh potential of 5G, both for companies and consumers. Since summer 2020 KPN has turned on 5G.

5G Field Labs: unique 5G applications in practice

In our 5G Field Labs, KPN investigates together with customers and technology partners, the value of the new generation mobile networks through a variety of use cases such as unique 5G applications for agriculture, urban areas, automotive and the port area.

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Nederland naar de toekomst

5G: nieuwe generatie, nieuwe revolutie

Het beste moet nog komen, want de komende jaren zal de stap naar 5G gemaakt gaan worden. Dit nieuwe generatie mobiele netwerk is vele malen sneller en betrouwbaarder dan z’n voorganger 4G, het heeft een veel grotere capaciteit én er zit nauwelijks vertraging in de verbinding. Daardoor gaat 5G de hele samenleving verbinden.

Augmented reality, slimme sensoren in apparaten, voertuigen en voorwerpen, landbouwdrones: 5G maakt het allemaal mogelijk. Tests van KPN in onze 5G Field Labs onderstrepen de waanzinnige potentie van 5G, zowel voor bedrijven als consumenten. We verwachten dat 5G zich vanaf 2020 zal gaan aandienen.

Devices connected with the Internet of Things

A fridge that lets you know when you’ve run out of milk or a traffic sign that sends a signal if its lopsided. It’s not only people that are always online, devices are communicating via KPN’s mobile networks too. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes physical objects digital and smart. We’ve taken a huge step with our new LoRa network. Since 2016, thanks to KPN, the Netherlands is the first country in the world with LoRa network with national coverage. Followed by LTE-M of KPN in 2018, a new IoT network based on 4G technology. These technologies are connecting countless devices to the internet. Wherever they are located.

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