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Our network vision

Dutch to the core

Thanks to fixed and mobile networks, cloud solutions, social media and apps, we are connected to everything and everyone. Private and commercial. Wherever and whenever we want. This connectivity provides a sense of freedom. Our reliable networks reach every corner of the country. This way, KPN ensures a fast, secure and stable connection.

Whether you’re are KPN customer or not, every Dutch person makes daily use of our network. Directly or indirectly. From the fiber optic connections in the ground, to the matrix signs above the motorway. From the mobile 4G network to transmissions from radio stations. The KPN Network is Dutch to the core and one of the best in the world.

This infrastructure is crucial for our country. In more and more of our daily activities, we are connected online. On the go, in emergency situations, when relaxing at home or in the workplace. Our network, which connects many millions of households, businesses and devices with each other, both indoors and outdoors, is unique in the Netherlands.

Thousands of experts work every day on the reliability and stability of our connections. Through maintenance, but especially through renewal and by making improvements. The amount of data that our network is dealing with is increasing on a daily basis. To cope with this growth, creativity and innovation are indispensable: that is why we are committed to build the Dutch digital highway of the future.

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For the whole country

We’re working on smart technology that will allow us to make better use of our existing network: using less and less energy, we’re able to process an ever-increasing flow of data. Without compromising on quality: the KPN network is one of the best in the world. In addition, we’re constantly expanding the network, with, for example, strategically located transmitters and high-grade fiber cables. We have accelerated the roll out of fiber, being the only future-proof technology, connecting 5 million households to fiber from KPN. Business parks are being opened up by us through improved access speed.

Offering national coverage via our mobile network is an important priority for KPN. Customers must be able to trust that they are always reachable, anywhere, via KPN. Currently, our network reaches 99.3% of Dutch territory, which means we can offer the best coverage in the Netherlands and we are modernizing 5,000 mobile sites to be 5G ready.

This way, we make sure that it doesn’t matter where our users are: the online services at their disposal are of a consistently high quality. Whether you’re in a city or on the move. Whether you’re sat at the kitchen table at home or are on the beach. We make sure that you are connected and that everything is available: the files for your work, on-demand TV programs, your personal photo albums.

Talking devices

Not only people make use of our network. More and more devices are connected online. Cars, heart monitors, meter boxes. That’s why we launched the LoRa network for Internet of Things applications. This allows street lamps to signal when a bulb needs replacing. Or the municipality gets a message about a full garbage container, so that the garbage truck isn’t sent out for no reason. LoRa is the basis for numerous applications that contribute to the smarter deployment of available capacity.

We’re convinced, too, that these new technology applications make it possible for a life that is freer, easier and more fun. At KPN, we’re ready. This goes for our safe network too because we want to contribute to a safe digital society, making sure that our customers trust us to handle their data with care.

KPN network in focus

Frequently invisible, always indispensable