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Fixed network

Modern for more than a century

KPN’s fixed network has been proving its strength for more than a century. It’s ubiquitous and it connects large parts of the Netherlands. As we are building the digital highway of the future, fiber forms the basis. And as a result of new discoveries, we’re constantly modernizing the fixed network. This enables us to process the ever-increasing amount of data. This way, the whole of the Netherlands benefits from high-grade broadband internet that is fast, stable and secure.

The KPN network is already fully based on fiber. Meanwhile, we’re rolling out in record pace this high-quality and increasingly interconnected network. A growing number of customers are benefiting from a fiber-optic connection to the home: recently the three millionth fiber optic connection at KPN was a fact. Almost half of all Dutch households (3.9 million) have a fiber connection and therefore have access to superfast internet; more than 75% of them via KPN. Every week, KPN connects around 9,000 households to the fiber network. Over three million more will be added by KPN and Glaspoort before the end of 2026. At that pace, almost everyone in the Netherlands will have a fiber connection in 2026.

In addition, we connect entire neighbourhoods in the Netherlands with fiber through the outroll of fiber to thousands of street cabinets. The last meters are via VDSL. This way, we’re providing entire neighborhoods with high-quality and fast internet in an efficient manner. Now, four out of five Dutch homes have access to broadband via fiber or a combination of fiber and VDSL. At the same time, we are also improving the speed of the fiber optic network. Thanks to the PON technology, speeds of up to 10 Gbps are possible.

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Future-proof internet

Fiber on, copper off

KPN is investing in fiber to ensure that the Netherlands remains at the digital forefront in the future. This new technology, specially designed for the internet, is ready to meet all our data needs. Fiber is the future and offers greater stability, reliability and even higher speeds. This way, we’re ready for the future. Read more about our 5 promises for switching to fiber.

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Leading in Europe

The fixed network of the Netherlands

The Netherlands leads Europe with the best and fastest internet connections. Data traffic on our fixed network continues to grow. The digitalization of our country contributes to this growth, but also the fact that many more people have started working from home due to the corona crisis. In the video, we explain how internet usage is growing and how we ensure fast and stable internet.

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Unique in the world

Innovative techniques

With fiber, we’re reaching deep into Dutch residential areas, the last part of the fixed network usually consists of copper (VDSL). This copper network is of a very high quality. And thanks to the innovative techniques applied by KPN, the broadband connection at home is getting better.

By using vectoring and VPlus (noise cancellation) we’re improving speeds significantly via VDSL. And because KPN’s copper network has the unique feature of using double threads in 90% of the Netherlands, we can double the speed of this network with ‘pairbonding’. Unique in the world. Bonded VPlus can offer download speeds above 400 Mbps. VPlus is already available at more than 800,000 addresses in the Netherlands.

Stable and reliable

The wishes and the online behavior of customers are changing. For example, we’re watching much more on-demand television and so-called Over The Top services like Netflix are growing. That’s why KPN is constantly investing in the capacity of the network in order to improve the quality and stability further; we are building the digital highway of the future. For example, in recent years we’ve introduced a new decentralized Metro Core network in 161 locations throughout the Netherlands. So the data that is frequently requested by our customers, such as on-demand television programs, has less far to go and so is accessed more quickly. In this way, we’re strengthening the speed and stability of the KPN network in the whole of the Netherlands. For consumers and also for all the business parks.

In less busy environments, for example in rural areas, KPN let customers benefit from integrated technology. With new technology that combines the bandwidth of the fixed network with that of the 4G mobile network. KPN is unique in the Netherlands in terms of making its fixed and mobile networks really work together to improve the experience of these customers.

KPN Netwerk

KPN Netwerk makes all this progress possible and ensures that everyone can make adjustments in a rapidly changing world. By making the network of the Netherlands even better, day after day. Even faster, more reliable and more secure. The work performed by KPN Netwerk consists of laying, optimizing and managing the network in the streets. But the communication about it is an important task too.

By constantly improving the network, KPN Netwerk ensures that everyone in the Netherlands benefits: citizens, businesses and official bodies, whether or not they are customers of KPN. And that makes the network part of every one of us – after all, together we form the network of the Netherlands.

How the network operates

The evolution of the KPN network