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Future-proof internet

Fiber on, copper off

The Netherlands is digitizing at a rapid pace. We shop online, game in the attic, work from home more often and increasingly arrange things digitally. Secure, reliable and fast internet is therefore becoming increasingly important. KPN’s mission is to make the Netherlands the world’s best-connected country. And we’re doing this by making high-quality and stable internet available to everyone in the Netherlands.

Future-proof internet

KPN is also investing in fiber to ensure that the Netherlands remains at the digital forefront in the future. This new technology, specially designed for the internet, is ready to meet all our data needs. Fiber is the future and offers greater stability, reliability and even higher speeds. This way, we’re ready for the future.

How do we do that?

Every day, we’re connecting more addresses to fiber, and the copper line in these locations will soon be redundant. We want to have provided 80% of households with fiber by 2026. Even after that, we will continue with the rollout. After the new fiber connection is switched on, the copper line is switched off. Not before. That way, no one is unintentionally left without internet and there is no need to keep two separate networks up and running.

Fiber or copper. Our customers are in the right place with KPN internet anyway. KPN occupies the number 1 and 2 spots in the Consumers’ Association’s January 2023 All-in-1 provider test. By installing fiber, we’re preparing our network for the future. Fiber offers even greater stability, reliability and the choice of higher speeds.

Our 5 promises for the transition to fiber:

  1. 100% online: KPN customers will never be without internet
    The copper line will never be switched off for KPN customers before the fiber has been installed. This way, customers will always have an internet connection.
  2. 100% free: With KPN, the transition to fiber is free for households
    When a household switches to fiber, KPN’s consumer customers will keep the same internet speed, but via an even more stable and more reliable network. This comes at no extra cost, even if a mechanic is needed.
  3. 100% fair: All providers on the KPN network start from the same position
    KPN has an open network, which is also utilized by other internet providers. They have the same opportunities as KPN to guide their customers as best as possible towards fiber and to make their own choices in that regard.
  4. 100% informed: Everyone is well informed
    Internet providers are always informed about the decommissioning of copper lines where fiber is available at least three years in advance. This gives them ample time to guide their customers to fiber, in coordination with KPN. KPN ensures that all its own customers have been informed in advance, at least three times. If it is still necessary, KPN will make even more intensive contact before taking the copper line out of service.
  5. 100% ready: We are ready
    If, despite all the precautions, something does not go according to plan, our mechanics and specialists are ready to ensure that customers can stay online, make calls and watch TV.
How the network operates

The evolution of the KPN network