KPN opens virtual store

Virtual KPN store offers solutions in business and consumer markets

Today KPN opens its very first virtual store. Visitors get the same experience as they do in a physical store, but from the comfort of home via their screen or VR glasses. In this brand-new store, you can take a virtual tour, view the latest devices with augmented reality, and virtual KPN employees are on hand to offer advice to consumers and business customers. 

Whether you want to check out the latest smartphone model, have a question about your subscription or need advice on home offices in the cloud – in the virtual store you get a real shopping experience online, unlike in the existing webshop. “While our app and webshop are focused mainly on direct transactions, in the virtual store it’s also very much about the experience,” explains Martin Boers, Vice President of Retail at KPN. KPN’s virtual store is in line with our digital-first approach, where experience plays an increasingly significant role. “The aim of this concept is to discover how the latest technologies – like Virtual and Augmented Reality – can best be applied in our contact with customers and what impact they have on customer experience.”

With the opening of the virtual store, customers can enjoy the familiar shopping experience in a digital way. We will continue to configure and optimize the store based on customer feedback. “By taking on board customer feedback, KPN will be able to continuously improve and provide innovative solutions that take the digital experience to the next level.”

Striking resemblance
The virtual store is pretty much identical to the existing stores and the recently opened experience stores in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. “This creates a sense of recognition for customers and, conversely, the virtual store provides opportunities to introduce a new shopping experience that can later be replicated in the physical stores. This blurs the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds,” says Boers.

Doors always open
Unlike physical stores, the KPN virtual store has no closing hours. In other words, the store is open 24/7 for new and existing customers. “And where the doors of the physical stores are closed in winter to save energy, the doors of the virtual store are always wide open.”

Curious? Go to https://www.kpn.com/virtuelewinkel or visit the virtual store at virtuelewinkel.kpn.com

KPN Raad van Bestuurleden Marieke Snoep en Chantal Vergouw bezochten met VR-bril als eerste de virtuele winkel, onder toeziend oog van Martin Boers (Retail).

KPN Board of Management members Marieke Snoep and Chantal Vergouw, equipped with VR glasses, were the first to visit the virtual store under the watchful eyes of Martin Boers (Retail).