New KPN retail formula lets entrepreneurs and consumers experience tomorrow’s technology

Citizens of Eindhoven connected with regional entrepreneurs in brand-new KPN retail formula

Amid widespread interest, the first store with the latest KPN retail formula opened its doors today in Eindhoven. Everything in this store is about experience – consumers and entrepreneurs can see and experience the latest innovations and technologies. The new store is the go-to hub for anyone interested in IT, security and innovation. A preview of this was showcased today during the grand store opening.

Visitors took part in the Security VR Experience, where they were able to see whether their company or personal data is safe from malicious actors through Virtual Reality tasks. Once again, this demonstrated that robust cybersecurity protection is vital for entrepreneurs as well as consumers. An AI artist was on hand to design the ideal background for entrepreneurs’ online digital meetings. Gamers were not forgotten either. In the KPN E-Sports Gaming Truck, they could play premier league soccer against high-profile PSV Eredivisie players Ali Riza Aygun and Dennis Verhoeven.

Workshops and inspiration sessions
With KPN’s brand-new retail formula, the store in Eindhoven has undergone a metamorphosis. There is now much more space in the store to see and experience products and services. KPN will organize workshops and inspiration sessions for entrepreneurs about security, smart collaboration, the modern digital workspace, increasing your online findability, and much more. Entrepreneurs will be able to find everything in the field of telecoms and IT for their business and seek assistance for more complex issues such as security and workplace needs. Consumers will be able to experience the latest gadgets in gaming and entertainment.

In developing the new retail formula, KPN drew on the latest insights into how people like to shop physically combined with online experiences. While 94% of buyers start their search online, when they are ready to purchase their phone they prefer to get personal advice on and actually see and feel the products. With this formula, KPN is taking the next step in integrating online and physical shopping. It's all about experience – whether customers start their “journey” online or in-store, they all get a unique experience.