Working at KPN via AI

KPN has joined forces with six other companies to create the Employment Match Platform. This social startup uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify untapped potential in the labor market. This will benefit the energy transition and the rollout of fiber.

By focusing on people’s skills rather than their qualifications, it will be easier to match them with vacancies on the platform. This will make it possible to recruit more lateral entrants and also retain existing employees by providing an insight into their career prospects.

The Employment Match Platform was officially launched in Utrecht on November 27, 2023. Carola Schouten, Minister for Poverty Policy, Participation and Pensions, and Ingrid Thijssen, President of the VNO-NCW, were among those present.

Carlo Tempelaars, a member of the platform’s board on behalf of KPN: ”KPN is one of the seven founders of the foundation. This important initiative gives our partners and us the opportunity to use a very modern approach to make technical talent available in what is a very tight labor market. We are convinced that AI will help us match lateral entrants with unfilled vacancies”.

The Employment Match Platform is an initiative of Alliander, Enexis, Stedin, TenneT and KPN and two contractors, Van Gelder and Van Voskuilen.