KPN supports customers with debts

Today, Marieke Snoep, a member of the KPN Board of Management and also responsible for the Consumer Market, is signing a new covenant with the NVVK, the Netherlands Association for Debt Relief Assistance and Social Banking. By doing so, KPN wants to continue its more flexible approach to customers with debt problems in the years ahead and significantly reduce the red tape that payment arrangements and collection procedures involve.

Marieke Snoep states: “We are always connected with our customers, even in times of financial difficulty. Instead of letting the problems get worse, we look for solutions that enable everyone to stay connected. Access to the internet and telephony is vital if people are to find a way out of debt and avoid ending up in social isolation.”

Currently over 726,000 households in the Netherlands either have debt problems or are at risk of them. The NVVK welcomes KPN’s commitment and the leading role it is playing. "Four years ago, KPN led the way by signing the first covenant", says Marco Florijn, Chair of the NVVK. "This prompted other companies and government authorities to change their stance on debt collection and their responsibilities in dealing with their customers, even when they’ve hit a rough patch."