KPN prepares for highest internet speed in the Netherlands

Demanding users cannot wait to start using 4 Gbit/s internet

Starting from 23 October, KPN will introduce the highest internet speed in the Netherlands: 4 Gbit per second for both downloading and uploading. This will make internet browsing at unprecedented speeds possible for a number of Dutch fiber households. KPN’s new fiber network, which is currently being installed in many places in the Netherlands, will enable even higher speeds in the future.

“The need for faster and more powerful internet is constantly growing, meanwhile 1 Gbit/s has evolved into the new standard”, says Robin Clements, EVP Consumer Market at KPN. “That is why we are responding to this and increasing the speed of our fiber internet. With the introduction of 4 Gbit/s, we’re offering the fastest internet for at home, and everyone can do their own thing on every device with the same high-speed internet. Handy when everyone in the house wants to be online at the same time. Whether you enjoy working at home, want to download your favorite game in no time, or want to bingewatch a whole season of your favorite series. Full speed online, everyone at the same time. That’s why we do it.”

Starting from its introduction, the new highest speed will be available to fiber customers who have been connected to KPN’s latest fiber network with so-called XGS-PON technology since 2021. Step by step, this group will be further expanded, until eventually it will be available to everyone connected to KPN’s fiber network. Together with Glaspoort, KPN is rolling out fiber at a rapid pace. By the end of 2026, KPN wants about 80 per cent of all Dutch households to be connected to fiber.

Special modem
Consumers and small business customers who want the highest speed of 4 Gbit/s in their homes will receive a special modem from KPN, the Box 14, which is suitable for speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s. The modem features Wi-Fi-6, which means you can expect better internet performance at home. The specifications of the apparatus also match the needs of demanding users. 4 Gbit/s internet complements the existing internet offer and is available for € 67.50 per month.

KPN has been utilizing the new XSG-PON technology in its fiber networks since 2021. This is now available at around 1 million addresses. Eventually, all Dutch households connected to KPN fiber will start using this technology, which will enable even higher speeds in the future. A year ago, KPN tested the internet of the future with upload and download speeds of up to 20 Gbit/s. KPN has an open network, this means that other providers can also offer these speeds to customers.

The new KPN internet offer from 23 October: 

100 Mbit/s

200 Mbit/s

1 Gbit/s

4 Gbit/s

up & down

up & down

up & down

up & down

€ 42.50

€ 50.00

€ 52.50

€ 67.50