KPN helps customers make their homes smarter

From thermostat to doorbell, the devices in our homes are able to do ever more things and getting ever smarter. For many consumers, it is difficult to choose a smart device that will work reliably and securely with other smart home equipment. To help customers with this, KPN has today launched a smart home store together with tink.

Smart products – especially smart thermostats and smart lights – are gaining popularity and their use is on the rise, according to surveys on smart home products recently conducted by KPN. These devices are connected to each other and the Internet via WiFi or Bluetooth, which makes them extremely convenient. But that’s also where things can easily go wrong. Despite increasing familiarity with these products, knowledge of how to establish a proper and secure connection to existing equipment in the home is often lacking.

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The right choice
“Smart devices are designed to give us convenience,” says Gijs Isbouts, director Innovation Consumermarket at KPN. “However, they can also give us a headache when we have problems getting them to work. Even beforehand, when choosing the right product to work seamlessly with your router and network. And that’s where we will be helping customers.”

Strict selection
KPN’s new smart home store offers online doorbells, garden lights, vacuum cleaners, alarm systems, thermostats... “Smart products that are also safe,” Gijs adds. Unfortunately, despite government campaigns there are also insecure smart devices on the Dutch market that carry a high risk of being hacked by cybercriminals and leaking personal data. “We make a strict selection of products that comply with all safety regulations – our customers can rely on that.”

Smart and sustainable
Smart devices also help customers understand and reduce their energy consumption by configuring smart routines that prevent lights from being left on unnecessarily or that turn down the heating. And to help KPN customers lower their energy consumption, the smart home store also has a selection of solar panels that can be placed on the balcony or on the roof of your caravan.

Partnership with tink
To provide customers with the best service and advice, KPN works together with leading smart home expert tink, which has extensive experience in offering smart home products. A selection of products was made for KPN that meet strict stability and security requirements. The platform also assists KPN customers with any questions they may have about their product and its installation. Lukas Zyla, CFO tink: “Real Smart Home use cases make our lives more secure, convenient, comfortable and more climate friendly. To achieve this, tink and KPN are pooling their expertise in smart home and telecommunication."

Find out more at KPN.com/smarthome

About tink

tink - the leading expert for smart and climate friendly homes in Europe. The company is the expert for everything related to the Internet of Things. It was founded in Berlin in 2016 and, with its more than 130 employees, has set itself the goal of getting everyone excited about a connected home. The company focuses not only on the marketing of connected hardware, but also on the associated services such as consulting, installation, insurance and rental models. tink is active in three other markets (NL, BE, SE) in addition to Germany and Austria. The company received the Tech5 Award in 2018 as one of the fastest growing start-ups in Europe. tink has firmly positioned itself as an expert in the growing market for smart home solutions and has already won over 1.500.000 customers. Behind tink are the investors Rocket Internet, Cadence Growth Capital, ProSiebenSat.1, Discovery and the Swedish energy provider Vattenfall.