Why do it expensive? Internet offer at Simyo is becoming cheaper and more extensive

Mobile provider Simyo targets price-conscious consumers with new campaign

Why do it expensive? With this slogan, Simyo is strengthening its position among price-conscious consumers who know that quality doesn’t necessarily have to cost more. The online mobile provider is launching a new campaign today in response to the high inflation and various price increases that Dutch consumers are facing. To support the campaign, Simyo has expanded its range of mobile and internet bundles and reduced its prices.

Price conscious
For many years, Simyo has proven that quality doesn’t have to be expensive; it has been voted best mobile provider by the Dutch Consumers’ Association more than 25 times and uses the best network in the Netherlands (KPN). Simyo has also been voted the most customer-friendly telecom company in the Netherlands by MarketResponse. Simyo customers are satisfied with the best online service, do not automatically choose the most expensive smartphone, and avoid unnecessary extras. Simyo is therefore able to keep costs down while still offering the best quality. “The Why do it expensive? campaign is an ode to this mentality and to our customers,” says Simyo director Bart van den Berg.  


New and bigger offering
It was already well-known that you don’t have to pay a premium to enjoy quality with Simyo. To coincide with the launch of the Why do it expensive? campaign, Simyo has reduced the prices of its internet bundles and expanded its offering. “More and more Simyo customers are opting for an internet bundle and know exactly what they need. By expanding our offering, savvy Simyo customers can pay for what they actually want to use and don’t have to spend extra money on bigger bundles they don’t need,” says Van den Berg.


About Simyo
Simyo is a 100% online telecom provider and subsidiary of KPN. The telecom provider has become widely known for its service and flexibility and offers prepaid, SIM only and regular subscriptions. Simyo has already been voted the best mobile provider more than 25 times by the panel of the Dutch Consumers’ Association. And in 2016, Simyo became the first telecom provider ever to win the award for Most Customer-friendly Company in the Netherlands. In 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2022, Simyo was voted the Most Customer-friendly Telecom Company in the Netherlands by MarketResponse (formerly SAMR). Simyo has also been the best prepaid provider in the Netherlands for ten years in a row according to surveys by independent comparison site prepaidsimkaart.net.