The KNVB and KPN are calling on football fans to help Koen Weijland, Paskie Rokus and Ruben Slot escape from the KPN E_ESCAPE ROOM as quickly as possible

On Wednesday, eDivisie presenter Weijland, YouTuber Rokus and 433nl host Slot became the very first participants to be locked into the KPN E_ESCAPE ROOM on the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) Campus in Zeist. Their challenge, aided by people including YouTubers Enzo Knol and Qucee, is to guess what their FIFA FUT cards are and free themselves from the escape room as quickly as possible. They will do this by playing a number of (E_)football games and they will need the help of as many people as possible.

The door of the KPN E_ESCAPE ROOM shut behind Weijland, Rokus and Slot at exactly 15:00 this afternoon. To escape, they will aim to win a number of (E_)football games to guess what their FIFA FUT cards are. They will also do this by finding codes that have been hidden in the KPN E_ESCAPE ROOM, playing FIFA 2023 against viewers and hanging up the washing, etc. They’ll need to dig deep into their football knowledge and will be put to the test to identify their own connection. The ultimate aim: to decipher their personal FIFA FUT cards. Escape will only be possible with the help of amateur football clubs, the KNVB’s innovation network and the esports players from E_Oranje, who recently qualified for the FIFAe Nations Cup.

You can follow the KPN E_ESCAPE ROOM live on twitch.tv/E_Oranje from 15:00 on June 7, 2023. If you would like to be part of the escape effort – by helping to solve puzzles, etc. –join the chat and post responses.

The escape room is in the KPN E_ROOM. Located on the campus in Zeist, it’s the home of E_Oranje for training camps and international matches. Thanks to KPN, the KPN E_ROOM has the fastest and most stable fiber connections, which enable the team to deliver top performances in the digital FIFA landscape. Weijland, Rokus and Slot are the very first participants to try out the escape room. Their goal is to escape in the shortest time possible and achieve a high score that challenges new guests to escape even faster next season.

In January 2021, KPN became the launching partner for KNVB’s digital football offer, which it had started in October 2020. The KNVB wants digital football to enhance football fans’ experience of the sport, reach the biggest number of physical football fans and E-football players possible and connect them with each other. The launch of E_Oranje, the KNVB’s national digital football team, has resulted in the rapid growth of E_Football, both inside the KNVB and beyond.