Simyo proclaimed best mobile provider for the 30th time

The Dutch Consumers’ Association has named Simyo the best mobile provider for the 30th time. The association’s panel - which consists of more than 8,000 individuals - compares the performance of mobile providers for calls, texts and internet service on a quarterly basis.

Simyo was named the best mobile provider for the first time 10 years ago, in 2013. In the latest comparison, it came out as best on test for the 30th time, with a score of 8.4. This time, it shared joint first place with Ben. The panel gave Simyo an exceptionally high score for provider appreciation: a 9.9. So, Simyo customers on the panel of the Dutch Consumers’ Association are clearly very happy. The panel also scored the brand an 8.7 for the quality of its mobile calls, an 8.1 for the quality of its mobile internet and an 8.0 for the quality of its customer service.

Consumentenbond resultaat Simyo 30 x


Customers also scored Simyo highly for its internet connection. The fewest disruptions are reported for Simyo too. Just 8% of Simyo customers experience a mobile internet disruption sometimes, in comparison with an average of 12% of panel members that experience disruptions like this with other providers.

Bart van den Berg, Director of Simyo: Since Simyo was launched back in 2005, our main aim has been to make sure our customers are happy. We want to offer them the best quality for a competitive price. We know how important this is. It’s great to see our customers showing their appreciation of all our efforts for the 30th time. It gives us the energy to carry on and it’s what makes our work so rewarding as well.”

About Simyo
Simyo is a 100% online telecom provider and subsidiary of KPN. It has become widely known for its service and flexibility and offers prepaid, SIM only and regular subscriptions. The panel of the Dutch Consumers’ Association has voted Simyo the best mobile provider 30 times now. And in 2016, Simyo became the first telecom provider ever to win the award for Most Customer-Friendly Company in the Netherlands. MarketResponse (formerly SAMR) voted Simyo the Most Customer-Friendly Telecom Company in the Netherlands in 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2022. Simyo has also been the best prepaid provider in the Netherlands for 10 years in a row according to surveys by independent comparison site prepaidsimkaart.net. It really is proving that the best quality does not have to be expensive. Simyo customers can get an amazing contract without having to break the bank. Why pay more than you need to? Simyo.