Live-streaming leads to data records on KPN network in 2022

Last year, KPN once again handled more data traffic on its network than in the previous year. New one-day records in 2022 can be attributed to a lot more “live” streaming traffic during popular sporting events such as Formula 1 and the World Cup football. Working from home, video calls and gaming remained popular last year as well.

Several new streaming services were launched on the Dutch market in 2022. Their increasing popularity is visible on the KPN network. "Streaming generates different data streams and more internet traffic than traditional TV services," says Paul Slot, who is responsible for KPN’s digital infrastructure. "That’s why we are investing heavily in fiber and 5G, as well as in continuing to increase the capacity of the underlying infrastructure, so as to ensure a good network experience at all times."

It is not only the fixed network that handles more streaming traffic. Major sporting events are increasingly being watched on smartphones. This causes big peaks in the mobile data traffic. Another striking fact is that Dutch people traveled more often last year. That could be seen from the roaming traffic from winter sports areas and popular European holiday destinations. Consequently, the data traffic from European vacation countries was more than 60% higher than in the summer of 2021.


Trends and current events are frequently reflected in the volume of internet traffic on the KPN network. These include the influence of public holidays, periods of frost and ice, the achievements of popular Dutch athletes and teams, and major concert streams. And if a popular messaging service starts to malfunction, it is immediately apparent from the volume of SMS traffic. Traditionally, the KPN network is extremely busy at the turn of the year, with digital New Year’s greetings. Overall, the KPN network once again reflected daily life in the Netherlands in 2022.