KPN’s new and improved wholesale offer effective immediately

Today, KPN published the new and improved offer for access to its fiber networks for wholesale providers. The improved offer will be effective immediately as ACM declared KPN's commitments binding. In the coming years, the CPI-adjustment to wholesale providers will be capped. The new offer applies for a period of 8 years on existing and new fiber networks, creating long-term certainty to proviers that want to offer services over KPN's network. This enables superfast internet access via fiber for more and more Dutch households.

On 1 April 2022, KPN informed ACM about its intentions to amend the fiber wholesale access tariffs. ACM assessed this offer and submitted it to the market for consultation, after which KPN made a number of adjustments. ACM has now declared KPN's commitments binding. As a result, the improved offer for access to KPN’s open (virtual) unbundled fiber networks for all wholesale providers is effective as of today.

Consultation led to adjustments
Chris Figee, member of KPN's Board of Management, CFO and responsible for Wholesale: 
“KPN took the initiative to significantly improve the terms of its wholesale offer. Following the market consultation, we have further improved our offer, such as a cap on the pass through of inflation to wholesale providers and access conditions for smaller providers. The offer is effective immediately and will be applicable for a period of 8 years. This enables us to continue the roll out of fiber and our successful open network policy, and makes fiber accessible to more Dutch households.”

In November 2020, KPN presented its Accelerate to grow strategy. KPN has the ambition to cover the Netherlands with fiber and invests hundreds of millions of euros annually in the roll out of a modern fiber network, replacing its existing copper network. Together with the joint venture Glaspoort, KPN has the ambition to cover approximately 80% of all households in the Netherlands with fiber by the end of 2026.