KPN supports Giro555

KPN supports the Giro555 action day on Wednesday 15 February for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. 

During the action day, 375 volunteers take calls from anyone who wants to make a donation for the earthquake victims. KPN's contribution consists of making the collection campaign technically possible. In short, it comes down to establishing the connections and setting up the call points where volunteers speak to donors and can receive donations. 

The call points are spread over four locations, the Sound and Vision museum in Hilversum, the Red Cross headquarters in The Hague, a KPN office in Houten and a Utrecht church. In addition, several dozen KPN employees will voluntarily participate from home. 

KPN has already provided the technology for Giro 555 campaigns, such as the collection campaign for Ukraine, the flood in South Limburg and the earthquake in Tahiti.