KPN launches its own 'KPN Island' in the video game Fortnite

KPN is one of the first Dutch brands to launch its own world – KPN Island – in the popular game Fortnite. The world will be unveiled by influencers Enzo Knol, Acid, ‘Couchsitter’ Milo and music producer Russo during the third episode of the popular YouTube series Legends of Gaming (LOG) season 8. Each gamer has access to the island, where, in addition to swimming, playing volleyball and collecting items, they can also win prizes by completing missions on the island. In addition, the virtual world gives access to six completely new and custom-made Fortnite levels, which will be announced by several major Legends of Gaming influencers in the coming weeks.

The island will be visited for the first time on 7 November by the four participating LOG gamers, including Enzo Knol, who is competing for the title ‘Legend of Gaming’ for his third season. “We really have something legendary this season, namely KPN Island. We’re going to unlock six different maps this season and it’s going to be cool!”, said Enzo Knol, who has made his own vlog about it. In the new season of LOG, 12 major Influencers compete in game battles and challenges. It is the first season where the games compete in pairs as well as where any gamer can compete for a place in the finals.

Enzo, Milo and Acid unlock first level on KPN Island
With KPN Island, KPN is literally letting worlds come together to take the experience of gamers to the next level. Over the next few weeks, a new unique world will be unveiled by a new influencer duo each time, which will then be instantly playable for viewers. A code will give Fortnite players access to KPN Island. The code can be found on the Legends of Gaming YouTube channel and Instagram page. In addition, this video explains how a player can get to the island. 

Mark Versteegen, Director of KPN Sponsorship: “Connecting people is what KPN has stood for for decades, and this initiative also connects our younger target audience in a way that is appropriate for our times. Fortnite is not only a place where gamers come together to game, but also to share experiences, such as going to a concert. With the launch of KPN Island, we now have a logical place in the world to keep in touch with our target audience. Now, initially with six unique and playable worlds, but with the possibility of continuing to expand KPN Island in the future.”

Legends of Gaming season 8 
The Legends of Gaming YouTube series, which is a popular platform especially among young people, has already achieved more than 182 million views and 540,000 subscribers with its previous seasons. This season will be even more interactive for viewers as, for the first time, a duo from the community has a chance to play in the finals. During these final episodes, the three winning LOG duos will also compete against two home players for the Legends of Gaming title. You can register from 17 November via the website.