KPN introduces Unlimited Series; unlimited data and speed that suits you best

For the fifth time in a row, KPN's 5G network has been recognized by Ookla® Netherlands’ Fastest 5G network

KPN makes unlimited mobile internet even more accessible with the introduction of three different unlimited subscriptions. From now on customers can choose the 5G speed that best suits their situation on the fastest 5G network in the Netherlands. Today KPN has again been recognized by Ookla® Netherlands’ Fastest 5G network.

KPN will introduce the Unlimited Series on Monday February 5 with a range of Unlimited50, Unlimited300 and SuperUnlimited, suitable for consumers and business customers. The name says it all, with a choice of unlimited data and speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s, 300 Mbit/s or 600 Mbit/s on the fastest 5G network in the Netherlands. In addition, there is a choice in the number of MBs that can be shared at the same address. KPN will also continue to double the data bundles for customers who combine Internet and Mobile, in which case the bundles of 6 GB and 12 GB are 12 GB or 24 GB respectively. At the same time, the unlimited offer for SME customers is also being renewed.

“With our new 'Unlimited Series' we have unlimited for everyone and we are ready for the next step of 5G,” says Robin Clements, CMO consumers at KPN. “We offer the best mobile experience thanks to our excellent 5G network and, in addition to SuperFiber, we are now also introducing SuperUnlimited on 5G. Then you know it’s good. With more choice, such as the speed that suits you and the number of MBs you want to share with your family. This makes our offering even better for consumers and entrepreneurs.”

Ookla - KPN Netherlands' Fastest 5G 2023

Netherlands’ Fastest 5G network
Since the introduction of 5G in the Netherlands, KPN has been recognized by Ookla® Speedtest® as the 'Fastest 5G Mobile Network' in the Netherlands. Today, KPN has again received recognition for having the fastest 5G speeds in the Netherlands. KPN came out on top for the fifth time in a row in this independent test of speed of the various Dutch 5G networks.

During the past six months (Q3/Q4 2023), more than 181,000 tests were carried out in the Netherlands by random 5G-users of the Ookla Speedtest application. KPN was on average the fastest and most responsive 5G network in the Netherlands. KPN's Speed Score™ (combination of download and upload speed) of 5G is the highest in the market. Moreover, the 5G response times at KPN are the best, with an average 5G latency that is a few milliseconds lower than the numbers 2 and 3.

More details about the new Unlimited offering of KPN will appear on kpn.com on Monday, February 5.


* The fastest 5G network and best 5G multi-server latency in the Netherlands based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q3–Q4 2023. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.