KPN Health and Founda Health join forces to accelerate healthcare digitalization

Using digital applications more efficiently in healthcare providers’ work processes

KPN Health and Founda Health are entering into a multi-year partnership to offer healthcare providers with simple, secure and standardized e-Health applications. The Founda Health platform, which links third-party digital applications, such as questionnaires, patient portals or home monitoring solutions, to healthcare facilities, will become part of the KPN Health Exchange. This KPN service enables the secure sharing of data from individual healthcare systems between healthcare institutions and patients. This, in turn, contributes to a more efficient working process for healthcare providers, and a better patient experience and lower healthcare costs.

“KPN Health and Founda Health share the ambition to provide a secure and open data infrastructure to the entire Dutch healthcare sector, from GPs to mental health institutions and from nursing homes to hospitals”, says Simon Hoogvliet, responsible for strategy and innovation at KPN Health. “New digital applications that, for example, make remote care possible, are emerging rapidly. Integrating these apps and giving healthcare providers access to the information is frequently challenging. The integration of the Founda Health platform into the KPN Health Exchange makes it possible to access this data easily and securely.”

Andries Hamster, Chief Product Officer of Founda Health, adds: “At KPN, we have found a solid partner that will make our technology fully available to every healthcare organization in the Netherlands. Together with KPN, healthcare institutions in the Netherlands can benefit from our technology to utilize digital applications simply and at scale. This means that all e-Health and other digital applications can be connected to healthcare facilities via a single link on the platform. This will greatly accelerate the digital transformation of Dutch healthcare.”

About KPN Health Exchange
KPN Health Exchange is a KPN platform that supports healthcare organizations with data infrastructure to make healthcare information accessible to patients and healthcare professionals in a secure and standardized way. The KPN network is the basis for exchanging this data securely and reliably. KPN Health Exchange is an open ecosystem; the services are being developed by KPN, its partners, and the involved healthcare organizations. With KPN Health Exchange, healthcare institutions retain full control of their data and medical information, and patients still have access.

About Founda Health
Founda Health is a Dutch company that is developing a rapidly growing digital infrastructure for the exchange of medical data. This infrastructure is based on proven modern technology from the financial technology sector (fintech) and facilitates easy, fast and secure linking of digital healthcare applications with existing, often outdated healthcare ICT systems. Currently, more than 60 solutions from the Netherlands and abroad have already chosen to work with Founda Health. This gives healthcare providers access to all kinds of digital applications that integrate seamlessly with their current electronic patient records. Conversely, healthcare institutions now have the possibility to connect their existing ICT systems with the latest third-party digital applications, such as AI tools and remote applications for healthcare.