KPN expands entertainment offering with audio books

KPN customers will be able to enjoy a selection of more than a million audio books and e-books, in addition to films and series of streaming services, music and gaming. Thanks to the new partnership with Storytel, around three million Dutch households will be able to listen to exciting, moving and inspiring stories.

“Our time is getting ever more precious, so we are having to make choices in the information that we consume. This explains why audio books have suddenly become so popular,” says Robin Clements, CMO of KPN Consumer Market. “As well as the best networks, KPN offers its customers the best entertainment, and the thousands of audio and digital books of market leader Storytel are a must in that offering. And with KPN that’s possible for a very reasonable price. It doesn’t just sound like a good story; it is a good story!”

As an introductory offer, KPN customers have an exclusive opportunity to try out Storytel for three months for just 1 euro per month instead of 12.99 euro per month. The Storytel subscription can be added simply via kpn.com, via the customer service, in a KPN shop of via the MijnKPN app. KPN customers get access to the complete Storytel range of around 500,000 international titles and a rich Dutch-language catalog with works by popular best-selling authors like Suzanne Vermeer, Kluun, and Rutger Bregman. 

“This is a great strategic step in one of our most important countries. Together with KPN, we offer Dutch consumers a great offer with a rich catalog consisting of more than 1 million local audiobooks, bestsellers and classics,” says Ana Julia “AJ” Ghirello, SVP Global Partnerships at Storytel.


About Storytel 
Storytel is one of the world’s largest streaming services for audio stories — audiobooks, e-books, lectures, radio plays and podbooks — and offers more than one million titles on a global scale. Our mission is to move the world through story, as there is nothing more powerful than a good story well told.
The streaming business within the Storytel Group is conducted under the brands Storytel, Mofibo and Audiobooks.com. The publishing business is managed by Storytel Books, and by the audiobook publisher StorySide. The Storytel Group operates in over 25 markets. The headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden. 10 Years ago Storytel launched in The Netherlands and is the market leader in audio stories providing the largest selection of Dutch audio books in the market.

About KPN
KPN has been the leading supplier of telecommunications and IT services in the Netherlands for almost 140 years. Every Dutch person uses the KPN network directly or indirectly every day, from the fiber optic connections in the ground to the ATMs in a shop to the matrix signs above the highway. Through the network in the Netherlands, where KPN continuously invests through the installation of fiber optic and the rollout of, for example, the new mobile 5G network, KPN serves consumers and business customers with services for telephony, data, television, internet-of-things, cloud, etc. workplaces and security. KPN has an open network and other providers offer services. More information at www.kpn.com