KNVB and KPN remain connected

KNVB and KPN have agreed to extend their long-standing partnership until 2026. Since 2017, KPN has been supporting football at every level – from the Dutch national men’s and women’s teams to E_Oranje and local amateur clubs. The decision was announced with a video that takes viewers on a tour of all KNVB and KPN initiatives at the KNVB campus in Zeist, the ‘center spot’ of Dutch football.

“Important role in the development of football”
“One of the KNVB’s goals is to take all aspects of Dutch football to the next level, and our partner KPN plays a huge role in helping us achieve that,” said Dave Dekker, commercial director at the KNVB. “Their contribution is what we can call ‘total football’: technical support for both national teams and amateur clubs. Take, for example, the KPN Data Services Hub for national team staff and the connections needed for the E_ROOM and VAR at the KNVB campus in Zeist. The KNVB and KPN are working together in all these different areas, which is why we are very happy with our renewed commitment.”

KPN is also happy with the extension of the partnership. “Our partnership with the KNVB allows us to connect people to football,” says Mark Versteegen, KPN’s sponsorship director. “Thousands of KPN customers have had the opportunity to watch the Dutch national side, and many more will do so in the years to come. At the KNVB campus, we organize ‘Train like Oranje’ football clinics for children during our football camps as well as the Football Friends Day for children with disabilities. In collaboration with FC Mooiste Contact, we regularly invite people who struggle with loneliness to watch matches of the Dutch national team. In the years ahead, we will continue our efforts to help as many people as possible enjoy football, whether that’s watching or taking part.”

As a launch partner of E_Oranje, KPN has also been successful in connecting with gamers in the Netherlands. For example, a KPN E_ROOM has been constructed in Zeist, E_Oranje’s home base for training camps and international matches. Thanks to KPN, the E_ROOM has the fastest and most stable fiber connections, enabling the team to excel in the digital FIFA landscape. This year, E_Oranje finished second at the 2023 FIFAe Nations Cup. The KNVB and KPN recently transformed the KPN E_ROOM into the KPN E_ESCAPE ROOM for the first time.

Extension of VAR
The KNVB and KPN also signed a new agreement for the connections required between the ARAG KNVB Replay Center in Zeist and the Eredivisie stadiums. Since the introduction of VAR in the Eredivisie in the '18/'19 season, KPN has been supplying the necessary data and internet connections to facilitate the use of VAR in the Eredivisie. KPN's services are available for all matches in the Netherlands where VAR is used: in the Eredivisie, play-offs, the TOTO KNVB Cup, and the match for the Johan Cruyff Shield.

KNVB and KPN partnership extension