Het Klokhuis visits KPN for a look behind the scenes

The internet is available anytime and anywhere, whether you want to app, stream or navigate the web. We take it for granted and can’t imagine life without it anymore. As part of its investigation of the world behind the internet, the kids TV show Het Klokhuis visited KPN to show viewers what we do to make sure the internet connection is reliable and secure 24/7.

That’s a must for Generation Z, the target group for Het Klokhuis. They’re growing up in a world that’s online 24 hours a day. And that’s not all because we rely on the internet now too. From finance to infrastructure and from schools to hospitals: the digitization of the Netherlands is a fact and it’s vital for the internet to be stable and secure.

Because generations X and Y have watched the internet developing over the years but Generation Z hasn’t, Het Klokhuis decided to investigate the world behind the internet and how it works. The episode on the investigation explains exactly what happens when a photo is sent to someone on the other side of the world and also the infrastructure involved.

And, just as important: what’s done to make sure the photo is sent securely. To show the role that KPN plays in this process, Het Klokhuis visited KPN's Service Quality Center (SQC). Click here to watch the episode in question.