Fiberbus tours primary schools

Since the beginning of April, more than 700 children from primary school groups 6, 7 and 8 have visited KPN’s fiber bus. In this mobile ‘escape experience’, pupils learn how the internet works and what fiber is. In this way, they increase their knowledge of technology and science in a playful manner. The Fiber bus will be touring the Netherlands until July of this year.

In the Fiber bus, children will learn how the internet works and what the technology behind it is. Attention is also paid to the networks that are installed in the ground for this purpose. And why it is increasingly important to stay well connected in a digital society. To do this, KPN Network converted two delivery vans into telephone exchanges; one based on a copper network and one on a fiber network. During the interactive experience, the fictional character Switchy guides pupils from groups 6 to 8. He has a problem: the internet is broken. The children are asked to crack codes, pull cables, and solve other puzzles in order to fix the internet.


Preparing for a digital society
“The current generation is growing up in a digital society. KPN Network believes it is important to already prepare this target group a little for the challenges and opportunities that this society brings with it. The Fiber bus helps with this in a way that appeals to children. ‘This is evident from, among other things, the high rating that they give the experience’, says Thera van Steveninck, KPN Network Director.

Across the country
The Fiber bus is currently touring the whole country. In the coming weeks, you will encounter the mobile telephone exchanges in, among other places, Zaandam, Groningen and Barendrecht. After the summer, we will decide whether they will continue to drive.