Digitenne ready for the summer recreation season

With the arrival of spring, Digitenne is getting ready for the new recreation season. Not only has the channel offering been expanded, but the network in popular recreation areas has been improved. As a result, domestic tourism is even more fun with sport and TV series wherever and whenever you want.

“Since the pandemic, we’ve been taking our recreation more frequently in our own country, with all the conveniences of home, and that includes television. Even in areas where internet is not a given, Digitenne is still the solution”, says Gijs Isbouts from Digitenne. “On your boat, in your bedroom or at your favorite campsite, the only thing you need is a TV and a plug.”

Digitenne is quick and easy to connect. It can be done by using the supplied tuner or by using a plug-in card (CI+ 2.0 module), because most current TVs offer this functionality. This makes it possible to watch the 30 most popular TV channels in the Netherlands almost anywhere in the Netherlands.

ESPN in the basic package
From 1 January 2023, KPN has added the ESPN 1 channel to the list of channels in the basic package. As a result, ESPN is now available to all Digitenne viewers for free. With ESPN 1, we now offer more sport as standard, and you won’t miss any of the climax to the Dutch premier league (Eredivisie) in the coming period. What’s more, true sports fans can add ESPN 2 and 3 as an extra channel package.

Improved coverage
Digitenne makes it possible to watch television in places where you don’t have access to internet or cable. Because the signal is distributed in the ether and we often take recreation in rural areas, KPN is continuing to improve the Digitenne network. For example, last month, KPN optimized Digitenne coverage in the Tjerkgaast region of southwest Friesland by installing an extra support transmitter. This means a greatly improved Digitenne signal for TV viewers and radio listeners in this region.

In the coming months, KPN will further expand the network so that the signal is also further optimized in other (recreational) areas, including Zoutelande. This is just one way we continue to invest in the best network in the Netherlands.

Combine KPN TV and Digitenne
Customers who already have KPN television at home can easily extend their subscription to include Digitenne for only 5 euros extra a month. They can order the tuner or plug-in card (incl. antenna) using the MijnKPN app. Digitenne is also available separately for 18 euros a month. Find out more at kpn.com/digitenne