The waste journey: teaming up for Zero Waste in the roll out of fiber

The three millionth fiber connection was recently installed. A great performance that involved tons of work – and tons of materials: when fiber is installed, waste materials, known as waste flows, are left over. This video shows what happens to that waste and the careful way in which KPN and its partners, such as VolkerWessels Telecom and Beelen.nl, deal with it. The aim is to reduce the impact of waste on the world around us and to connect the Netherlands with a sustainable future.

For many years, KPN has had a leading position in the field of sustainability, which is an integral part of its strategy. Since 2011, KPN has run its business exclusively on green power and has been climate-neutral since 2015. And the ultimate goal is even more far-reaching: KPN aspires to run a virtually circular operation in 2025 and aims to have zero net CO2 emissions in its chain in 2040. This relates to, for example, improving the energy settings of TV receivers, more sustainable transport of products and equipment by our suppliers, and using less material in the production of equipment for our customers.