Ookla: KPN has best mobile network in the Netherlands




Results based on network experience of half a million Dutch users

KPN's mobile network has been recognized by Ookla® as the "Best Mobile Network" in the Netherlands. This is evident from independent tests of half a million users of the various Dutch mobile networks over the third and fourth quarter of 2020. KPN emerged as the winner with the fastest download and upload speeds and the best mobile coverage of all Dutch operators.

Ookla analyzed more than half a million tests of users of the various Dutch mobile networks from approximately 177,000 unique devices. Then Ookla reported who showed the highest mobile network speeds and how the mobile coverage is doing. KPN came out on top and is the fastest network in the Netherlands in terms of download and upload speed. The average download and upload speed of KPN was 92.5 Mbps and 19.8 Mbps respectively and is the highest in the market. Ookla also compared the quality of the mobile coverage and mobile experience of the users on the different mobile networks and with a coverage score of 833 points, KPN has the best mobile coverage in the Netherlands.

Babak Fouladi, Chief Technology & Digital Officer and Member of the Board of Management KPN: “We are proud that we are once again receiving recognition for the quality of our mobile network, which has been rated by Ookla as Netherlands’ Best Mobile Network. It shows that the renewal of our mobile network is good for our customers and good for the Netherlands. Not only we are making 4G better and 5G available, we also offer customers the best and fastest mobile network experience in the Netherlands. In doing so, we deliver on our promise to customers with the network of the Netherlands through the roll-out of fiber and 5G.”

Again recognition
At the end of 2020, 5G from KPN was already named the fastest 5G network in the Netherlands by Ookla. Umlaut Connect also concluded that KPN had gotten off the grid with 5G and gave KPN the 5G Innovation Award. Umlaut also rated KPN's mobile data network as the best in the Netherlands. And in mid-January 2021, Ookla also concluded that the iPhone 12 in Amsterdam on KPN's 5G network delivers the best performance. KPN is investing heavily in its infrastructure. In addition to the renewal of the mobile network, KPN is rolling out fiber on a large scale so that in the long term more than 80% of the Netherlands will have access to a connection at the speed of light through KPN and can benefit from the hyper-connected society.

*Netherlands’ Best Mobile Network is based on the analyzes (trimean) throughput speeds and coverage scores in the Speedtest Intelligence® data for the third and fourth quarter of 2020 by Ookla®. The Ookla® trademark is used under license and reprinted with permission.