New at KPN: swap an old phone for a new one


As from this month consumers can hand in their old mobile phones to KPN. Both customers and non-customers can hand in their old phone at one of the KPN stores. They are paid an allowance for it, depending on the age and condition of the phone. They can also put this amount towards the purchase of a new device or accessories.

By introducing this service KPN aims to encourage the reuse of old mobile phones. Old phones that are still usable are sold by KPN on the second-hand market. Phones that are not suitable for resale are recycled, in cooperation with partners of KPN. This enables valuable parts and materials to be reused.

The process employed by KPN when phones are handed in is a very thorough one. For instance, KPN checks whether the device has been stolen or if a loan agreement has been taken out on it. Additionally, every device is wiped clean, removing all the data of previous users.

Consumers who are interested in handing in their old mobile phone to KPN can get an indication of its value. The transaction itself can be made at any KPN store.


Note: You could use this service until February 29, 2020. It is currently no longer possible to exchange your old device for money in the store. You can still have your device recycled for free.