Most 'love' for KPN of all Dutch brands!

KPN wins Most Improved Brand Vitality award and scores high in the BrandZ Top 30 of the most valuable Dutch brands.

Fly the green KPN flag! This week, KPN received a special award for ‘Most Improved Brand Vitality’ from research firm Kantar. KPN is also high in the Top 10 of the most valuable Dutch brands.

When making its assessment, Kantar looks at the strength of a brand, points for improvement and it uses insights from the Dutch economy and culture. In which areas is KPN doing well? Trust is decisive for a high-ranking in the BrandZ Top 30. KPN scores high in various categories, such as ‘Identification’ (do customers feel perceived as a person by your brand?) and Inclusion (do customers feel at home with your brand?). On ‘Integrity’ (do you keep your promises?), KPN scores highest of all Dutch brands: 124 points with an average of 100.

Love for KPN
In addition to a spot in the Top 30, KPN also received a special award for Most Improved Brand Vitality. Of all the brands surveyed, KPN showed the strongest growth on the Vitality Quotient (vQ score). The vQ score is determined by measuring five criteria: purpose, innovation, communication, experience and love. According to Kantar, companies with a high vQ score are more likely to be perceived as attractive, creative and friendly.

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