KPN wins “Best Dutch Chain Store” in category Telecom


The KPN shops scooped the first prize at the annual Retailer of the Year event, the biggest consumer awards show in the Netherlands.

In the past few months, over 220,000 consumers have given their opinion of more than 500 retailers. Rating the retailers on ten aspects, consumers decided who is the country’s best retailer. The aspects on which they gave a rating included price, quality, expertise, customer-friendliness and ease of shopping. Based on the scores, over 100 nominees remained in the race, competing in the various categories for the title of “Best Dutch Chain Store”. And the KPN shops triumphed in the category Telecom.

‘I’m really proud!’ says Geertje Spanjaard, Director KPN Retail. ‘It is wonderful appreciation for the hard work that is performed every day. We have succeeded in showing that we offer the best customer experience, and our service focuses genuinely on providing added value.’

Best Dutch Chain Store
Winning the first prize means that KPN can display the Retailer of the Year logo on their shop windows for a whole year. 'Our shops showcase the strong KPN brand, literally and figuratively,' adds Geertje. ‘People go there to make contact in person with our products, services and staff. It’s fantastic that by giving us their votes our customers have confirmed that the staff in the shops really make a difference by the way they work, so we will display the stickers on our shop windows as soon as possible.’