KPN stands out with the introduction of 5G business services

It was talked about for years, the introduction of 5G: the new generation of mobile networks. Finally, at the end of July, it happened and KPN activated the new mobile network in a large part of the Netherlands and immediately came forward with another innovation; three 5G services specifically for business customers. We talk with Jacob Groote, director 5G at KPN, about the added value of 5G for the business market and the innovative range of services for businesses.

What is the difference between 5G and 4G?
“Whereas the particular aim of 4G is to connect people with one another, especially via social media and other apps, 5G is going to ensure a better connection within the community thanks to the specific features of this technology. Partly for this reason we believe that the greatest of this new technology will add particular value for the business market. The interaction between people, things and applications makes our life even better. A good example of this is the drone that makes an inspection of agricultural land and that is connected real-time via 5G with the farmer, who can then work his land in a targeted manner and is therefore able to use a lot less pesticide.”

How can businesses benefit from 5G?
“5G offers a lot more than just a better internet experience. The capacity and reliability of the network open up opportunities for new applications and solutions. Innovations in the field of security, healthcare and sustainability, for example – issues that are of great importance to society. 5G will play a key role in helping Dutch businesses continue to innovate and become increasingly smart. Consequently, 5G is a very important driver of business processes and further digitization in the Netherlands.”

"5G is the driver of business processes and further digitization in the Netherlands."

Jacob Groote, directeur 5G bij KPN

Why is KPN introducing specific 5G services?
“In addition to 5G connectivity, with these new 5G services we can give business customers extra guarantees and help them to experience the added value of 5G in an easily accessible manner. For example, customers can always get sufficient bandwidth for major parts of production processes, both locally and nationwide.”

What are those 5G services?
“We have introduced three new services, ‘Priority for specific applications’, ‘Guaranteed bandwidth’ and ‘Customized mobile coverage’. By giving priority to particular applications we ensure that crucial elements, such as specific messaging, are always delivered reliably and quickly to the right place via our mobile network. To be able to guarantee that this happens faultlessly, these messages are handled separately. The second service that adds value is ‘Guaranteed Bandwidth’. Certain cameras are never at a standstill because they are monitoring security, while certain robots are an essential part of a production process. Now customers can get guaranteed bandwidth on site via the mobile network as well. The third service that KPN has introduced provides ‘Customized mobile coverage’, which enables us to give customers the security of mobile coverage and capacity on their own premises – indoors and possibly also outdoors.”

For what type of customers are these services intended?
“These services are suitable for large and small companies alike, especially those in the logistics sector and in manufacturing and processing industries that do not want to be dependent at all times on a fixed connection for broadband communication. Companies that work a lot with cameras or camera surveillance can also benefit from this.”

"According to several telecom analysts, KPN’s 5G offerings are a global first."

Jacob Groote, directeur 5G bij KPN

How can the new business services be received?
“We have been testing applications of this kind for a long time with customers and partners in the FieldLabs and we will be continuing to do so. Some customers are already making use of them. It is also nice to see that well-known telecom analysts such as GlobalData and Omdia are positive about our 5G offerings as well. Some of them say that this is the first time that a telecom operator has put such services on the market. Others acknowledge that we are following the right route by focusing on the added value of 5G for the business market and – with three specific services – are taking the lead in this. One thing is certain: we are ready for 5G. What is fascinating about the introduction of new technology is that in a few years’ time we will be using it in ways that we cannot yet imagine.“