KPN completes range of IoT networks with LTE-M nationwide coverage


From now on, the LTE-M network of Telecom and ICT service provider KPN is available for Internet of Things (IoT) applications throughout the Netherlands. KPN has now completed its IoT connectivity portfolio. In addition to the LoRa and M2M applications, which make use of the mobile networks, customers can now also use LTE-M, which is particularly suitable for allowing devices to interchange data very frequently in a cost-efficient manner.

The Internet of Things continues to grow and in the last three years KPN has invested heavily in new IoT networks and services that enable organizations to make the most of the opportunities provided by the Internet of Things. For example, optimizing business processes, improving the customer experience or developing new, possibly disruptive, business models. At the end of 2017 KPN started the rollout of LTE-M on the existing infrastructure.

“Adding LTE-M to connectivity portfolio enables customers to implement solutions for all kinds of IoT applications and KPN issues,” says Carolien Nijhuis, director Internet of Things at KPN. “In recent times, our customers have been able to test LTE-M at a variety of locations in Rotterdam and The Hague and now they have the chance to deploy LTE-M nationwide for their IoT solutions.”

An example of how LTE-M can be used is a smart meter, which interchanges data on a regular basis and for which the indoor coverage must be good. Enexis Netbeheer has opted to use LTE-M in the long term for its smart meters. “We expect a great deal of LTE-M: cheaper modules and improved coverage. With the nationwide LTE-M coverage provided by KPN we will be able to take a step forward with our smart meter product” says Annemieke Bulters, manager Smart Meters of Enexis Netbeheer.

Alongside smart meters, wearables and mobile payment terminals are applications that will make connection through LTE-M. LTE-M is also extremely suitable for supporting track and trace. To help customers use the Internet of Things successfully, since the end of last year KPN has started to offer KPN Things. This scalable, ready-to-use solution enables companies and organizations to implement and scale up IoT applications easily. KPN Things offers services such as data and consultancy and is available for all KPN’s IoT networks, which now includes LTE-M.