KPN becomes strategic network partner of the municipality of The Hague

Future-oriented IT network to help the municipality in further digitization efforts

Rotterdam, July 7, 2021 – KPN will build, maintain and manage a future-oriented, accessible and secure IT network for the municipality in the coming years, offering ‘connectivity as a service’. KPN will provide connectivity between all municipal locations throughout the city. All (WiFi-based) indoor connections in the municipal buildings will also be installed by KPN. The new infrastructure will provide fast, secure, agile and reliable connectivity to customers, whether they are government officials, residents, visitors, entrepreneurs or partners with smart solutions.

With this new agreement, the municipality can fulfill its digital ambitions and take a big step in becoming a coordinating organization, where it outsources as many tasks as possible. This is a new approach for the municipality of The Hague, in which it will leverage market developments as well as KPN’s forward-thinking strategy. The municipality will retain final responsibility while concentrating on its coordinating role.

Marijn Fraanje, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the municipality of The Hague: “The municipality has great ambitions in the area of digitization and service. We want to make use of expertise and developments in the market to fulfill these ambitions. KPN challenges us to go the extra mile in implementing innovations for our IT network.”

“An excellent digital infrastructure is an indispensable link for the municipality of The Hague for further digitization of its operations,” says Chantal Roest, Public Market Director at KPN. “With ‘Connectivity as a Service’, we ease the burden on the municipality and their IT needs are met as easily as getting water from the tap. This allows the municipality to focus entirely on new digital innovations that will make the city even more attractive and livable.”