From tomorrow, watch HD-quality TV via Digitenne from KPN throughout the Netherlands


KPN will take the last step in renewing the Digitenne wireless TV network. They’re doing this by transferring the Randstad region to the new technical standard for digital ether television, DVB-T2, or HD.

Digitenne is a TV product that offers high-quality, wireless Ethernet television and has been meeting the specific needs of a large number of TV customers for years. For example, wireless television via Digitenne is used on campsites, in the shipping sector and in places where a fixed TV connection is impossible.

New network and HD-quality image
The renewal of the network began in October 2018 in the Northeast Netherlands region and will be completed tomorrow, 9 July, in the Randstad. From then on, the entire Digitenne network will be transferred to the new broadcast standard DVB-T2 with the associated HD-quality image. The old TV receivers will no longer work. Naturally, any KPN customers who have not already done so can exchange their old receiver for a new one. This can be done via kpn.com/digitennevernieuwt.

Work will continue until November 2019.
Changes in the permits also require KPN to free-up Digitenne frequencies for 5G. The conversion of the frequencies is already going on and will be phased in in different areas in the Netherlands until November 2019. Customers may experience disruptions due to this work. More information is available at kpn.com/signaal.

The renewal of Digitenne fits in with KPN’s strategy to ensure that customers have the best TV experience. KPN does this by, on the one hand, continuously improving the product (4K Ultra HD, Smart TV app, Interactive TV app, Netflix via TV receiver) and, on the other hand, by constantly renewing the range of TV channels and content providers.