Discussing technology - KPN publishes Technology Book 3

An update and overview of the latest technological developments that are and will be important for KPN, customers, and society.

Today, KPN is publishing an updated version of its Technology Book. With updates on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum computing, and Photonics, KPN is looking 10 years into the future.

This third edition of the KPN Technology Book also examines new technologies, such as Energy Harvesting, a technology that allows for the harvesting of energy from radio waves. Small IoT device scan use this energy to charge their batteries or no longer even need a battery at all. Hyper-automation is about the use of artificial intelligence for the next far-reaching steps in automation and digitization processes.

In total, 10 relevant technologies are described in the book, some of which are closer to being used in concrete applications than others.

Tom Poelhekken, KPN’s Chief Technology Officer, “KPN is happy to share its vision of future technology with anyone who wants to follow the latest developments closely and is keen to make use of it. Both customers and other stakeholders. The Technology Book is a great starting point for discussions about how we can optimally grasp and exploit the potential of new technologies together.”

The Technology Book is available as a PDF on KPN’s corporate website. Copies have also been printed in book form and will be available at a later date on request. The Technology Book was launched at The Digital Dutch goes Digital event on April 23.