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E-invoicing via the Supplier Portal

As our products and services need to be as user-friendly as possible, both for our customers and for our suppliers, we constantly improve them. We have therefore established the Supplier Portal for suppliers. This will enable Purchase Orders and invoices to be processed completely digitally in the future. That is easier and less time-consuming.

KPN has made the switch to the Supplier Portal. There, suppliers will be able to receive online Purchase Orders, issue invoices and check the status of those invoices. There is no charge for the connection and use of the platform.

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To ensure that the transition to the Supplier Portal proceeds as smoothly as possible, we are asking suppliers to register. We will then make contact as quickly as possible to set the connection process in motion.


Logging into the Supplier Portal

Are you already registered as a supplier on the Supplier Portal? Then you can log in straight away.

Log in straight away


Suppliers with questions about the Supplier Portal should consult the FAQ or contact the following support departments:

You can reach the helpdesk of the Supplier Portal by telephone on +31 (0)88 799 99 99 or by sending an e-mail to ondersteuning@tblox.com or support@tblox.com.

If you have any questions about Purchase Orders and invoices, you can contact the KPN service desk Purchase to Pay on +31(0)88 848 94 03 or send an e-mail to vraagaancrediteuren@kpn.com.

Frequently Asked Questions


Go to ‘Registration’ and follow the instructions on the screen. Our partner will complete the registration and prepare the connection. KPN will then let you know when the new electronic process will start.

The Supplier Portal is the ideal place for you, as a supplier, to consult your Purchase Orders from KPN. You can convert those Purchase Orders automatically into invoices and you can even issue your invoices manually yourself. The Supplier Portal is always accessible, so you can check the status of your invoices 24/7. No charge is made for the connection and use of the platform.

Use of the Supplier Portal

You can issue your invoices in a variety of ways:

- if you can issue digital invoices from your accounting software in a format such as UBL or XML, you will be able to issue automated invoices.

- if you do not have accounting software in which this is possible, you can easily “flip” the POs you receive to a digital invoice in the Supplier Portal and send it to KPN via the Portal.

- you can also draw up the invoices yourself and upload them manually. To upload an invoice, you click on “Uploads”. Please note: The Supplier Portal only accepts CSV files that can be created by Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. To make this easier, you can download a CSV template from the “Uploads” page. If you create the file yourself, make sure that you take over the invoice data from the “Upload template” page. If not, you will not be able to upload a correct invoice.

After logging into the Supplier Portal you click on “Link new system" to select your organization's accounting software. You then give the link a name and click on "Save" to complete the link.

Yes, you can do that yourself in the Supplier Portal via “manage users”.

You can call the Supplier Portal helpdesk on +31(0)88 799 99 99 or send an e-mail to ondersteuning@tblox.com or support@tblox.com.

Purchase Orders

You get a notification automatically as soon as you have received a Purchase Order from KPN. After receipt, Purchase Orders can be viewed in the Supplier Portal.

You can download a purchase order from the Supplier Portal. You select the Purchase Order concerned in the menu option “Orders” and you can then download the Purchase Order via the Adobe Acrobat icon.


After you have issued an invoice to KPN you can view its status at any time via the Supplier Portal. You can see whether the invoice has been registered, whether it has been validated, and when the payment will be or has been made.

If you have accidentally issued an incorrect invoice, you should contact the Supplier Portal helpdesk. You can reach the helpdesk of the Supplier Portal by telephone on +31 (0)88 799 99 99 or by sending an e-mail to ondersteuning@tblox.com or support@tblox.com.

May 12, 2021

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