Publication of KPN Annual Report 2022

Today KPN publishes its Integrated Annual Report 2022. In the report we reflect on a year in which we delivered on our forecasts and principal ambitions. KPN achieved revenue growth, further expanded its fiber network and did everything possible to connect everyone in the Netherlands to a sustainable future.

Fiber Forward
The digitalization of our lives is continuing unabated. KPN is responding to this by investing heavily in high-quality, future-proof digital infrastructure with fiber and 5G, providing a first-class internet experience.

The Annual Report shows what fiber means for customers, the Netherlands and KPN. We take a look at the operating challenges, the service offerings, the security aspects, and sustainability. In that respect, fiber is a symbol of KPN’s transformation into a modern company that offers customers the best internet experience.

Sustainable future
KPN’s products and services are energy-efficient and enabled KPN customers to save a considerable amount of energy once again in 2022. KPN’s energy consumption has been completely green for many years and is continuing to fall, while data consumption on the network continues to rise.

Green finance
Last year, KPN launched a Green Finance Framework to finance its sustainability investments, so yet another financial instrument is linked to our climate targets. In the field of circularity we have formulated robust ambitions and have set ourselves the target of reducing emissions across the value chain and achieving net zero by 2040. KPN has raised its target for 2030 by endeavoring to reduce Scope 3 emissions across the value chain by 45% in relation to 2014. KPN intends to adjust the sustainability performance target for its Sustainability Linked Bond, which was issued in 2021, to reflect the revised target for 2030.

At the forefront
KPN has once again been recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) as a global climate leader, one of the companies at the forefront of reducing CO2 emissions and combating climate change. In 2022, KPN signed an agreement with Eneco for the purchase of wind energy starting in 2027. This supports its ambitious sustainability targets and reduces the risk of higher energy costs in the long term. 

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
On April 12, 2023, KPN will hold its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, at which the Integrated Annual Report 2022 will be discussed. The agenda, which will be published soon, will include topics such as the appointment of three Supervisory Board members and one reappointment to the Supervisory Board.

KPN's Integrated Annual Report 2022 is available online on Annualreport2022.kpn