CDP: KPN again world climate leader in 2022

In 2022, KPN is once again recognized as one of the companies that are global climate leaders and are at the forefront of reducing CO2 emissions and mitigating climate change, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

CDP puts KPN in the highest position in 2022; the A-list demonstrating international recognition for corporate transparency leadership and climate change performance. CDP regularly raises the bar for environmental leadership, and the criteria were further tightened this year as well.

The outcomes of the CDP report are based, among other things, on energy consumption and reduction targets. For example, it measures how organizations combat CO₂ emissions and climate change and what opportunities they see for developing products and services for customers.

In recent years, KPN has taken major steps towards reducing energy. For example, KPN's absolute energy consumption fell by 45% since 2010, while data consumption increased approximately 24 times in the same period. In the coming years, KPN wants to save at least another 10%.

KPN launched the CDP Supplier Engagement Program last year to further reduce emissions throughout the value chain (scope 3). Several initiatives have been taken that contribute to the goal of being almost completely circular by 2025. For example, last year the SuperWifi points became more sustainable, made of black recycled plastic, they are more environmentally friendly to produce and easier to recycle. KPN also introduced the ecosim and the possibility of returning a used telephone for reuse was expanded.

KPN has also linked financial instruments to its climate ambitions. With the issue of two sustainable bonds and a sustainable revolving credit facility, KPN is committed to combating climate change. In addition, KPN has formulated circular ambitions and set a goal to reduce emissions throughout the value chain to net zero by 2040. KPN is also taking initiatives in the area of improving biodiversity by promoting nature-inclusive infrastructure.

About CDP
CDP has been bringing together investors, companies and cities for many years and allowing them to report transparently on climate change. This involves both reducing the negative impact of energy consumption and developing products and services to make the chain more sustainable together with customers and partners. By 2022, nearly 20,000 companies will have disclosed environmental impact data to more than 680 investors through the CDP platform. A small part of these, including KPN, is on the Climate Change A-List of the CDP this year.

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